How to add your Google Street View to your website – Here’s how

A Google Street View Tour not only increase the visibility of your business across all Google platforms also gives you a nice cushion against competitors. Google allows you to add the Google Virtual Tour to your own website too. This will allow your visitors to visit your physical place without leaving the site.


Follow this guide to embed the Google Street View tour on your website. 

1. Find in Google your Business.

2. Click on your Google Street View Thumbnail (Some business do not have this option) Or Drag the Pegman (Small yellow man in the right bottom corner) to the 360 view of your preference.

3. Click on the top left corner menu (The Three Dots Icon) and click on share or embed image.

4. Click on "Embed a Map" and copy the HTML code.

5. Just paste this code in your website HTML code and you will have your own Google Street View virtual tour in your webpage.


Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need any help with this.